Watcher Shows

Puppet History


Created by Shane Madej and hosted by the enigmatic Professor and friends, Ryan and a special guest learn about lesser-known events in history and compete for the coveted cup of the History Master. Come for the history, stay for the BANGERS. Also maybe something about a genie??

Too Many Spirits


Dreampt up by Watcher's Head of Development Katie LeBlanc in the darkest depths of quarantine, the internet's paranormal bad boys read fan-submitted spooky stories while enjoying libations prepared by cocktail maybe-maestro Steven Lim.

Dish Granted


Fancy food expert and award-winning chef in training, Steven Lim designs and prepares a tailor-made meal for his special guest with help from his own eating experiences, an unlimited budget and wingman Tony Kim. Originally concieved by Steven as a way to thank his friends for their support during the Pandemic, guests range from Steven's own parents to Marvel superheroes.

Are You Scared?

Likely Active

Ryan Bergara reads the internet's scariest stories to his friend and well-known scarable person Shane. Stories range from classic creepypastas to fan-submitted yarns and are elevated by beautiful and disturbing drawings by Mollie Ong. Like it's less goth younger brother Too Many Spirits, Are You Scared? was created by Ryan in the depths of quarantine with some gentle prodding from Head of Development Katie LeBlanc to create something spooky.